Guide to Sex Chat for Christians

Even if you get laid on a regular basis, sometimes you just want to talk it out rather than act it out. Or maybe you’re in a long-distance relationship and sex chatting is the only way you can really be intimate with your partner.

Either way, you still want to be just as good as a sexter as you are in bed. And while you might think that it sounds a lot easier to talk about something rather than do it, remember that sometimes it’s easier to show people how you feel rather than tell.

1. Be descriptive

Since you can’t be there to show off your body and show them exactly what you’re hoping to do with theirs, you’re going to need to break out your 10-dollar words and describe the scene for them.

You want to set the scene (especially if you’re chatting with a girl, because women are much more imaginative than men) vividly.

Describe how things not only look but taste and feel and sound. Give them a 5-senses-tickling-experience.

2. Don’t “mm” or “ahh”

If you think that either of those sad excuses for words is an appropriate reply to a well written, well thought out, passionate sext… then you’re wrong. You’re so wrong, my friend.
Instead of pulling that half-assed bullshit, you need to give your partner a real response. Unless they’ve outright stated they want to write you a personalized erotica, you should be doing the same right back to them… no excuses.

3. Send a photo!

If you’re using a platform that has photo messaging, you should be sending pics! Get out your phone and start your own Playboy-esc photoshoot. Your partner will thank you for having an updated sexy nude from you, believe me.

Even if you’re not comfortable sending nudes you should still send photos or gifs of some kind. This will help your partner fully understand what you want to do to them or what you’re fantasizing about because they’ll have a visual!

4. Or send a voice message!

Okay, while this might not be as outright sexy as sending a nude… you’re underestimating the sexiness of a voice message! Why do you think phone sex was so popular (and it would still be popular if webcams hadn’t become such a popular thing)?

Make like Jason Derulo says, and talk dirty!

There’s something intimate, while not viual, about hearing your lover’s voice whisper something dirty in your ear… even if it’s from a couple thousand miles away.

5. Or send a video!

Again, this is just as good as sending a picture. But if you really want to show what you’re doing to yourself or what you want them to do to you, why not show them on your own body?
Pull out your camera or your webcam and film a short little dirty diddy for your partner!

6. Be a repeat customer

If you like to chat with anonymous strangers online, I totally understand where that desire comes from and why. But I encourage you to chat with the same person more than once so you can develop a connection.

7. Chat after

You should be engaging in the digital version of pillow talk okay!? This will help you understand what your partner liked and didn’t like and what you enjoyed too! This is important for repeat sexting experiences.

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Why Friends With Benefits Is Better Than A Girlfriend


Think about what it really means to have a “girlfriend”.

What are the positives and the negatives? Sure, there are some great advantages to having a girlfriend: regular sex, someone to support you, someone to go places with. But what about the downsides?

Constantly having to memorize birthdays and anniversaries. Having to spend time with their friends and family. Being forced to visit places you don’t want to go. Constant expectations of spending time together. Temper tantrums when you choose your friends over her. Dinners out, exchanging gifts, constant communication with each other, only being able to sleep with one person.

Need I say any more?

The disadvantages of being in a relationship by far outweigh the advantages. However, there’s a simple solution: friends with benefits.

A friend with benefits basically takes all the good parts of a relationship and amplifies them to a hundred. You’ll be able to have sex whenever you want it, you’ll be able to go on dates with them when it suits you both, and you won’t be expected to spend time with their family during the holidays.

Sounds pretty perfect, right?

That’s why friends with benefits are becoming a staple in modern society. Some lucky people out there have realized that in today’s modern hectic world, juggling a relationship alongside friends, family, work and personal time can be a real chore. It’s not easy to allocate sufficient time to all of these things and still maintain a healthy romantic relationship with a long-term partner.

But of course, these people still crave the upsides that come with romantic attachment, with sex being the most obvious. A friend with benefits lets you set the pace without having to worry about the constant expectations that come along with regular relationships.

If you can’t commit to a particular evening with your meet and fuck buddy, you won’t feel as bad as you would if you were disappointing your long-term partner. A friends with benefits relationship means that you’re both aware that other things in your life will take priority, and so it’s not like you’re breaking a pre-arranged agreement with them if you cancel on them one night.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to a friends with benefits relationship, however, is the complete freedom you have over your own life while still receiving regular sex and fulfillment. You’re not expected to remember their birthday, you won’t have to get them a Christmas gift, and any expectations for the relationship to grow aren’t present at all.

FWBs are relationships with a minimal amount of emotion involved. In many cases, there’s no emotion at all. They’re based on purely physical connections and nothing else, thus allowing you receive the sexual gratification you crave without having to neglect other parts of your life.

If you’re looking for your own friends with benefits relationships, there are endless sites and apps dedicated to finding someone like-minded. Your first point of call should be the high profile dating sites like Match and POF, followed by lesser-known ones like Pure, Blendr, and Happn.

3 Modern Miracles From God

While a lot of people use the argument that if there was a God he’d surely communicate with us the way that he did in the First Testament. Well, I’m of the belief that he simply doesn’t communicate with us because of all the noise in our lives (we really should learn to put down the phone every once in a while). The age of miracles is not over! We might be able to see a burning bush if we only looked hard enough.

Well, I’d like to share a few stories with you, dear reader. These are stories of modern miracles of which no one can explain with science! I hope you enjoy!

  1. Pope Francis’ Blood Miracle
    While I’m not catholic, I do have a lot of respect for the church and the pope. Francis – otherwise known by my grandchildren as the “cool pope” – is certainly full of surprises, During a feast in Italy, during which St. Gennaro was martyred in year 305 (I know that’s a long time ago!). It’s believed that through enough fervent and powerful prayer, that blood can be liquified. When the Pope kissed the vial, the blood liquified! This is the first time this happened since the 1800s
  2. Magic bullets, magic rings
    I don’t know this man’s full name and I’m not going to use it to protect his privacy, but he was working as a cashier one night when two armed men entered the store at which he was working. They fired a shot at him when he refused to cooperate as fast as they’d like and when he put his hands up out of instinct, he found that the bullet split apart.
    But what could have caused such a thing? Well, it turns out that the bullet hit his wedding ring just right so that it split apart! The fragments were embedded in his shoulder, but none of the injuries were serious. Look at that! That power of love!
  3. Rasputin
    Now, this may not be a holy miracle but it certainly is a miracle. If this doesn’t prove the existence of hellish powers (thus proving the existence of god, because you can’t have one without the other!), then I don’t know what would convince you.
    While this didn’t happen yesterday, it’s still a modern miracle.
    After he rose to power and proved to be a terrible man, he was assassinated. It took more than one attempt to kill the man. After being shot and strangled he was finally killed by being thrown in the river but not from drowning… but from freezing to death. Either he was a tough guy, or the agent of the devil!