Guide to Sex Chat for Christians

Even if you get laid on a regular basis, sometimes you just want to talk it out rather than act it out. Or maybe you’re in a long-distance relationship and sex chatting is the only way you can really be intimate with your partner.

Either way, you still want to be just as good as a sexter as you are in bed. And while you might think that it sounds a lot easier to talk about something rather than do it, remember that sometimes it’s easier to show people how you feel rather than tell.

1. Be descriptive

Since you can’t be there to show off your body and show them exactly what you’re hoping to do with theirs, you’re going to need to break out your 10-dollar words and describe the scene for them.

You want to set the scene (especially if you’re chatting with a girl, because women are much more imaginative than men) vividly.

Describe how things not only look but taste and feel and sound. Give them a 5-senses-tickling-experience.

2. Don’t “mm” or “ahh”

If you think that either of those sad excuses for words is an appropriate reply to a well written, well thought out, passionate sext… then you’re wrong. You’re so wrong, my friend.
Instead of pulling that half-assed bullshit, you need to give your partner a real response. Unless they’ve outright stated they want to write you a personalized erotica, you should be doing the same right back to them… no excuses.

3. Send a photo!

If you’re using a platform that has photo messaging, you should be sending pics! Get out your phone and start your own Playboy-esc photoshoot. Your partner will thank you for having an updated sexy nude from you, believe me.

Even if you’re not comfortable sending nudes you should still send photos or gifs of some kind. This will help your partner fully understand what you want to do to them or what you’re fantasizing about because they’ll have a visual!

4. Or send a voice message!

Okay, while this might not be as outright sexy as sending a nude… you’re underestimating the sexiness of a voice message! Why do you think phone sex was so popular (and it would still be popular if webcams hadn’t become such a popular thing)?

Make like Jason Derulo says, and talk dirty!

There’s something intimate, while not viual, about hearing your lover’s voice whisper something dirty in your ear… even if it’s from a couple thousand miles away.

5. Or send a video!

Again, this is just as good as sending a picture. But if you really want to show what you’re doing to yourself or what you want them to do to you, why not show them on your own body?
Pull out your camera or your webcam and film a short little dirty diddy for your partner!

6. Be a repeat customer

If you like to chat with anonymous strangers online, I totally understand where that desire comes from and why. But I encourage you to chat with the same person more than once so you can develop a connection.

7. Chat after

You should be engaging in the digital version of pillow talk okay!? This will help you understand what your partner liked and didn’t like and what you enjoyed too! This is important for repeat sexting experiences.

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