3 Modern Miracles From God

While a lot of people use the argument that if there was a God he’d surely communicate with us the way that he did in the First Testament. Well, I’m of the belief that he simply doesn’t communicate with us because of all the noise in our lives (we really should learn to put down the phone every once in a while). The age of miracles is not over! We might be able to see a burning bush if we only looked hard enough.

Well, I’d like to share a few stories with you, dear reader. These are stories of modern miracles of which no one can explain with science! I hope you enjoy!

  1. Pope Francis’ Blood Miracle
    While I’m not catholic, I do have a lot of respect for the church and the pope. Francis – otherwise known by my grandchildren as the “cool pope” – is certainly full of surprises, During a feast in Italy, during which St. Gennaro was martyred in year 305 (I know that’s a long time ago!). It’s believed that through enough fervent and powerful prayer, that blood can be liquified. When the Pope kissed the vial, the blood liquified! This is the first time this happened since the 1800s
  2. Magic bullets, magic rings
    I don’t know this man’s full name and I’m not going to use it to protect his privacy, but he was working as a cashier one night when two armed men entered the store at which he was working. They fired a shot at him when he refused to cooperate as fast as they’d like and when he put his hands up out of instinct, he found that the bullet split apart.
    But what could have caused such a thing? Well, it turns out that the bullet hit his wedding ring just right so that it split apart! The fragments were embedded in his shoulder, but none of the injuries were serious. Look at that! That power of love!
  3. Rasputin
    Now, this may not be a holy miracle but it certainly is a miracle. If this doesn’t prove the existence of hellish powers (thus proving the existence of god, because you can’t have one without the other!), then I don’t know what would convince you.
    While this didn’t happen yesterday, it’s still a modern miracle.
    After he rose to power and proved to be a terrible man, he was assassinated. It took more than one attempt to kill the man. After being shot and strangled he was finally killed by being thrown in the river but not from drowning… but from freezing to death. Either he was a tough guy, or the agent of the devil!